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This Code of Ethics serves as a guide for members of the Bracco Italiano Club of America (BICA) to follow, recognizing their role as guardians of the breed. Explicit in membership in the BICA is the understanding and full acceptance of the Code of Ethics recognizing that a violation or disregard of the Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Ethics or AKC Rules and Regulations may result in discipline up to and including loss of membership from the BICA. This Code of Ethics does not cover every behavior necessary to protect the breed. Therefore, members acknowledge that in all cases their actions are the truest reflection of personal integrity and ethics, commitment to the enhancement of our breed community and their true concern for the welfare of our breed.




As a member of the Bracco Italiano Club of America I shall:


  1. Be dedicated to the preservation and welfare of the purebred Bracco Italiano and ensure my actions are in the best interest of the breed

  2.  At all times exhibit good sportsmanship and good will and conduct myself in a manner which reflects positively on myself, the breed and the BICA

  3.  Seek the advice and assistance, when needed, of more experienced members on the care and welfare of the Bracco, and if sought out will graciously provide assistance and share the benefits of my knowledge

  4.  Refrain from the use of any untrue, slanderous or defaming statements against another member, kennel, breeder, a specific dog/kennel, the BICA and Judges, etc. on any public forum including social media

  5.  Be a responsible dog owner, providing the dogs in my care with a safe and loving home providing them with the best possible care in regard to nutrition, housing, cleanliness and veterinary care

  6.  Utilize appropriate health testing programs such as OFA, CAER or PennHIP for evaluation of individual traits in all of my Bracco Italiano and make all records public through these organizations.



Members of the Bracco Italiano Club of America, as guardians of the breed, strive to breed conscientiously, taking responsibility for the lives they produce including responsible placement of all puppies produced by any breeding, to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual dogs and of the breed.

As a breeder, I shall:

1. Educate myself to recognize the correct conformation of the Bracco Italiano, familiarizing myself with the AKC breed standard as well as the breed working standard prior to breeding


2. Strive to improve both the field ability and conformation of dogs within my breeding program


3. Breed only animals that are mature, in good health and who are physically and temperamentally sound


4. Not breed dogs that are known or strongly suspected to be affected with genetically inherited disease that significantly affects longevity or quality of life



5. Make every effort to stay current in my knowledge of genetic problems present in the breed and utilize available testing procedures to detect genetic defects

Health test results should be published by OFA, PennHIPP, CHIC, or appropriate foreign registry


6.Keep accurate records of all breeding per the AKC Rules and Regulations for pedigrees and registrations. BICA encourages that all litters be registered with the American Kennel Club


7. Not supply dogs to retail sellers, auctions, research laboratories or as raffle or other contest prizes


8. Verify to the best of my ability that the purchaser of any puppy or adult dog will be responsible owner and I recognize that my responsibility as a breeder continues for the lifetime of the dog


9. Represent each dog/puppy sold and bred as accurately as possible. BICA recommends providing the new owner with a contract detailing terms of sale, health records of the puppy or dog, pedigree registration forms, BICA membership forms and proof of health and genetic tests of the parents.

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