The membership of the Bracco Italiano Club of America (BICA) is dedicated to:

  • promoting the standard of the breed

  • supporting the integrity and purpose of the club

  • protecting the interests of the breed and individual dogs

  • promoting quality and integrity in breeding programs

  • BICA members recognize that as individuals our practices of sportsmanship, husbandry, and ethics directly affect the welfare of the breed. We realize that no code we sign can cover all instances of members required conscientiousness in protecting our breed. Therefore, we acknowledge that our actions are the truest reflection of our personal integrity and ethics, commitment to the enhancement of our breed community, and true concern for the welfare of the breed.

  • 1. Promoting the standard of the breed BICA members agree to:

    • A) use the Pastrone Standard (1937) Bracco Italiano to assess the suitability of dogs temperament and type for exhibition in NAVHDA, AKC performance and companion events and for breeding.

  • 2. Supporting the integrity and purpose of the club BICA members agree to:

    • A) adhere to all BICA rules, regulations, and requirements pertaining to the sport of dogs, the Constitution, Bylaws, and regulations of the BICA , and this Code of Conduct (COC).

    • B) share knowledge and be truthful and constructive when conveying information about Bracco Italiano, their lineage, and their health, and refer to other members and kennels with respect.

    • C) display good sportsmanship and conduct themselves in a manner that gives credit to the club and the breed.

    • D) encourage and promote public awareness of responsible pet ownership.

    • F) participate to the best of their ability in BICA-sanctioned activities and programs. These activities and programs include but are not limited to sporting and social events, surveys, databases, health-related studies, and educational programs conducted or sanctioned by the BICA. 

    • G) Respect and courtesy are essential in discussing BICA club business. Personal comments or opinions should be taken to a private conversation between those individuals.

  • 3. Protecting the interests of the breed and individual dogs BICA members are encouraged to:

    • A) inform the breeders of their dogs and individuals with whom their dogs are placed of any health issues in their dogs or their dogs’ families that may be helpful to the owners in caring for their dogs, and to the breeders in assessing their breeding programs.

    • B) fulfill the requirements of any dog-related contract they sign.

    • C) notify individuals from whom they obtained a dog of any change in the dog’s ownership or residence.

    • D) utilize such organizations as OFA, PennHIP and CERF for evaluation of individual traits in all of their Bracco Italiano. Submit all evaluations (affected, carrier, and unaffected) to the Bracco Italiano Health committee for inclusion in the database, whose purpose is to acquire and disseminate information on inherited traits in Bracco Italiano in an effort to eliminate heritable disease in the breed.

    • G) provide appropriate training and supervision so that their dogs are well mannered, kept in safe conditions, and not abused or neglected.

    • H) never allow their dogs to roam at large unsupervised, nor to become a public nuisance or a public burden.

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 Bracco Italiano Club of America