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The mission of the BICA is to maintain the integrity of the Bracco breed standards as a “dual dog”, to promote ethical breeding practices, and keep the health standards as a priority.


The goals and objectives of the Bracco Italiano Club of America are as follows:

1. To promote cooperation among the breeders and owners of the Bracco Italiano and to encourage the highest standards in breeding.

2. To promote the training of the Bracco Italiano in the field, thus maintaining its integrity as a hunting dog. To that end, to encourage participation in breed-relevant field trials and hunting by

its members.

3. To promote excellent conformation in the breed by encouraging conformation showing by its members.

4. Thus the club will strive to keep the Bracco Italiano forever a "dual dog;" by preventing the breed from becoming split into groups of "field dogs" and "bench dogs".

5. To protect and maintain the good health of the breed, by appropriate health testing and by strict adherence to club

-related rules for breeding.

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