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 Bracco Italiano Club of America


Many folks may think dogs that end up in rescue are in some way inferior. Most are dogs that were simply the wrong choice for a family. Bracco's are not for everyone, and despite their appeal, the demands of owning this active, intelligent hunting dog can be daunting to a first time owner.

The Bracco Italiano Club of America (BICA) has a myriad of people who love the Bracco Italiano dog. Rescue provides support, coordination, and financial assistance to a national network of volunteers. We, as a club, form a chain of support and common interest dedicated to the preservation of the breed we hold so close to our hearts. We continually search for Braccos that are abandoned or in need of a new forever home.

Please complete a rescue application and forward it to our Rescue Coordinator,

Deanna Cuchiaro email:  irishrescue1@aol.com