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The Bracco Italiano Club of America (BICA) is a small but growing breed club. We have a myriad of people who love the Bracco Italiano Pointer and are looking for mentorship, friendship and a sense of belonging. The BICA provides the network to connect the fanciers to form a chain of support and common interest dedicated to the preservation of the breed we hold so close to our hearts.

We, as members share in the excellence of a new litter, comfort each other as a dog passes, tackle health problems, debate structure of dogs, and discuss upcoming events. Our breed continues to improve and move forward because each member contributes a unique vision and perspective.

The BICA provides a venue that allows breeders, owners and hunters to contribute freely any information relevant to the breed. It is through a conglomeration of ideas that you, the new member, will formulate your plan for the betterment of the breed we so dearly love. We hold quarterly membership meetings, share emails, hold biennial gatherings in different areas of the United States along with regional fun field days.

The Bracco Italiano is a quarterly publication that you will receive each quarter with your membership. Various issues spotlight different aspects of our dog’s talents, along with articles and stories that serve to educate the fancy. The beautiful dogs shown, are an ongoing history of the breed. Please join us in the continued development of the most versatile of breeds: The Bracco Italiano.

How you will benefit from membership in the Bracco Italiano Club of America (BICA) will depend on your personal experiences and interest. If you have any questions about BICA membership, please contact our Membership Secretary Kim Caudill at

Please fill out the membership application by clicking "join now". 

If you have completed your 1 year associate membership please contact Kim Caudill or Jennifer Caban if you wish to apply for full membership.

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